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face allegations of rape and other assaults involving 59 trainees at the lackland air base in texas. officials and victims are expected to testify. jackie speier was the first to call for such a hearing. >>> classes will resume today at a community college in texas. three people are recovering from a shooting at lone star college near houston yesterday. witnesses say two men were arguing in a courtyard outside the library. one of them pulled a gun and shot the other. that sent everyone in the area diving for cover. >> we couldn't actually hear what they were arguing about, but we could hear them arguing. the shooter actually, you know, wanted, you know, he said, uhm, i don't want to fight you. i'm not trying to go to jail. and he actually turned away from the situation. but whatever ticked him off, whatever they said, turned around, got it out of his backpack and just started shooting. >> a maintenance man was also hit. the target of the shooting is in critical condition now. police say the accused gunman accidentally shot himself in the leg
. nearly 800 sexual assaults reported at lackland air force base near san antonio. most committed by training instructors. >> they directed these trainees to go to supply closets and to the laundry room, where they were then raped. >> reporter: paula coughlin was assaulted 21 years ago while serving in the navy. she's now with this group. >> we can't accept this. it's horrible. we all know that. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speer is introducing a bill, saying instructors who have even consensual sex with a trainee get kicked out of the military. >> we have two instructors that admitted to having had sex with train of their trainees each. and these instructors were married. >> an individual serving as a military training instructor, who has a relationship like this with a trainee, has no place in our air force. >> reporter: military leaders say they're already implementing new guidelines. >> we are well on our way toward, but i'm not in in way ready to declare victory. >> reporter: having more women as trainers is looking air force officials are looking into. >>> scientists at
and other assaults involving 59 trainees at the lackland air force base in texas. top officials and victims are expected to testify. san mateo congresswoman jackie speier was the first to call for the hearing. >>> switching gears now, 5:07, let's get another check on the weather. >> it's all about change. rain is coming, right? >> yeah. we had that nice midseason dry spell but now looks like that's about to change as we have some storm clouds moving into the bay area now. mostly cloudy skies. not as cold this morning. no freezing temperatures to speak of. and yes, our high-def doppler radar is picking up raindrops most of that off the coastline so far although we have seen a few light showers in the north bay but i think throughout the day today this is going to push further east and make its way across the bay area bringing with it some scattered light showers. you can see on our satellite image all the moisture off the coastline and the low is off the coast. we'll wait until that pushes offshore later on. in the meantime, temperatures not
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3